Why are so many kids sick and stressed?
Most importantly, what can we do to change this for them? How do we get them out of the rut called “Perfect Storm”? Watch the short video below to learn more! 
The “Perfect Storm” is hitting our kids early and often, and can be found everywhere today – getting ready for school in the morning, in your child’s classroom, or in a local restaurant. Join us to find out why and how we can help!
What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar
Secret #1
Your Brain Controls EVERYTHING!
Secret #2
Interruptions to the brain have an effect, AKA symptoms.
Secret #3
Your body is designed to be healthy!
And... The 3 Critical Steps You Need to Help Your Child
#1 - The Truth
The Perfect Storm breaks all the rules and talks about all the reasons our children are sick. From both the outside and the inside, we will help you put together the information you need to know why your child is struggling.
#2 - The Tools
We’ll give you step by step help that you can use to start making a difference for your child IMMEDIATELY. Together my team and I will help you learn how to stop things from getting worse for your child. Then we’ll reach a whole new level by helping you get rid of your child’s triggers.
#3 - The Results
The proof is in the parents…who have been where you are. We’ll share with you stories of kids who no longer struggle with with the symptoms of Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Challenges. You can even ask to talk with Perfect Storm parents who will share with you exactly what worked for their child.
There’s no one solution for your child. There are many and we’ll show them to you when you join us to learn more about the Perfect Storm. You’ll not only learn the choices you have for your child, you’ll learn which ones matter most.

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Our MISSION is to inspire individuals and families in our COMMUNITY to EXPERIENCE a higher QUALITY of life, fulfilled through an optimally functioning nervous system, by means of neurological testing and personalized chiropractic care. To CREATE a community who DESIRES a higher quality of life and believe in the power of SELF-HEALING and preservation of HEALTH, with the AMBITION to reach their full, God-given POTENTIAL.

Presented by Dr. Christie Hafer

"Chiropractic provides health, hope, courage, and resilience for families who desire to thrive in this world.  You don’t have to worry if the doctors and teachers have told you things like “we don’t know what causes it yet” and “let’s just watch and wait.” I’m going to show you causes you haven’t been able to find, the things other doctors won’t talk about and then I’m going to help you help your child."
Who is the Perfect Storm Webinar for?
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